Open Source Music Notation Program

screenshot of MuseScore

Hoping to be the next Mozart? It's one thing to be inspired and to imagine all the wonderful sounds to incorporate into your next concerto or symphony, but it's another thing entirely to get it all down in black and white. You can go through reams of expensive music paper, only to realize that you can't totally make out your own chicken scratchings against the staves on the paper. You gave up writing in longhand in favor of a computer keyboard long ago; there's no reason why you should keep writing your music the old fashioned way with pen on paper.

MuseScore is a free open source music notation program. Employing an easy-to-use virtual note sheet, it's easy to get all the notes just right, and to be able to read them when you're done. You can use a mouse, keyboard, or even MIDI files for data entry. It supports an unlimited number of musical staves on each page, with four voices on each staff. If you're writing music more complicated than that, you're probably not reading this post right now anyway.

MuseScore is available for both Windows and Linux users.

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