Genealogy and Family History Tool

screenshot of It's Our Tree Home Edition

The study of genealogy and family history can be a fascinating hobby. Discovering who you are by seeing where you came from can be an interesting and rewarding undertaking. You don't have to spend too much time following this line of the family or that to know how complicated it all can get. By the time you add all the in-laws (and out-laws), you may have taxed your home-made datasheet or spreadsheet beyond its breaking point. Other folks have been looking at this stuff for a long time—why not take advantage of the work they've done to organize these kinds of facts and figures?

It's Our Tree Home Edition is the standalone complement to the website. You can build your own family tree on your computer, edit it, and even share it with others on the ItsOurTree website. It's compatible with industry-standard GEDCOM file format, as well as CSV and XML formats, allowing you maximum flexibility. Enter names, important dates and locations, and you're building your own family tree. All-field text search is supported, so it's easy to find the facts you're looking for.

It's Our Tree Home Edition is a free download. It runs on Windows systems.

Download It's Our Tree Home Edition

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