FlexCal makes iCal updates easy

screenshot of FlexCal

If you're a busy guy or gal, then you're always adding things to your "to do" list, or creating reminders for upcoming events and deadlines. Typically this means you're running iCal all the time, which takes up system resources and clutters your work space. We've found a tool that can help you out here.

FlexCal is an application that helps you to enter "to do" and event information into your calendar app. Just hit a hotkey (that you've defined), and up pops a "to do"-entry dialog. Enter your task's information, priority, and due date, and go merrily on your way. If you need to enter a reminder for an event, just hit the hotkey a second time, and you get a window that prompts you for event information: start- and end time, alarm information, and location info. In both cases, just hit Return and your calendar is updated, the window goes away, and you're back in business. You haven't totally broken your concentration, and you're still focused on the task at hand.

FlexCal is an application for Macintosh systems. It runs under OS X 10.5.

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