AltMove Windows and Mouse Manager

screenshot of AltMove Windows & Mouse Manager

One of the advantages to a graphical interface for your computer is that with a GUI you can get a lot of things done fast. A quick click here and another one there, and next thing you know, you're all finished. It can be a real time saver when compared to typing a bunch of commands on the keyboard. How would you like to be even more efficient when you run your system with your mouse?

AltMove Windows & Mouse Manager is a tool that helps your mouse talk to Windows. With mouse actions, you can move windows—even those without a title bar. It's easy to resize windows, change their opacity, or to hide and restore them. You can even assign Key-Mouse combinations to menu items from various applications on your system. You'll be speeding through your work in no time.

AltMove Windows & Mouse Manager is a Windows application.

Download AltMove Windows & Mouse Manager

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