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One of our favorite activities as a kid was working on dot-to-dot puzzles. These activities always seemed extra satisfying, because you were really contributing to the creative process. Some of us weren't gifted with extraordinary drawing talent, so it wasn't so easy to create a picture from scratch, but hey, anybody can draw a straight line (more or less). Dot to dot activities have something for everybody—you get to solve a puzzle, you get to color it in, and there's always the challenge of trying to visualize what all these dots will look like when they're connected. They even contribute to the general discourse: somebody who can figure out how to associate one idea with another is said to "connect the dots."

Free Dot To Dot Puzzles has 125 free downloadable dot to dot puzzles. You can choose puzzles that include animals, buildings, transportation, and more from nearly a dozen different categories. They're all available for free, and all you need is a copy of Adobe Acrobat or any other application that lets you open and print PDF files, and you're in business.

You can download individual puzzles and activities for free, or If you're hopelessly enthralled by dot to dots, you can download the entire collection all at once for $9.00.

Download Free Dot To Dot Puzzles

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