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Decisions, decisions, decisions. Some decisions are pretty cut-and-dried: if it's cold and windy outside, then wear a coat. No problem there. Other decisions aren't necessarily so clear cut: Do I accept that new job offer? Which car should I choose? Do I want to go to school here or there?

You can always ask everybody their opinion, but when it's all said and done, most of them are just opinions. And just because they suggest a course of action doesn't mean that it's the best way for you to go. Maybe it's time to break out the Magic 8 Ball and ask it what to do.

Or maybe you'll have better luck with Decision Oven. This tool can help you to objectively weigh your choices to try to make the best possible decision. Enter your needs and wants. Add the alternatives you may be weighing. Push the button and see how the possibilities line up. Now of course you need to watch for the potential "garbage in, garbage out" problem, but if you feed good data to the program, you'll get some objective help in evaluating which way to go.

As a sanity check, remember that these guys aren't responsible for the choices that you make, and bear in mind that Decision Oven is a beta-level product. You make the decisions, but they help you to weigh the possibilities.

Decision Oven is a Windows application.

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  1. Clancolin says:

    What does this do that drawing a vertical line down a piece of paper and writing “”Pro” on one side and “Con” on the other, doesn’t?

    Some things just aren’t suited to being done on a computer and this is one of them – give your carbon footprint (and you) a bonus – go for a walk and think the problem out yourself, without this nonsense program!

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