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For several years, the movement among software developers has been away from printed documentation and toward online manuals and enhanced Help systems with new applications. Not only is it cheaper to produce these systems, since there are no expensive printing costs involved, but it also allows the documentation to be much more up-to-date. Instead of having to distribute out-of-date printed manuals, it's easy to in-line new Help files, and even make them available for download. Your latest changes are now there for everybody to use. HelpNDoc is a tool to help you create those Help systems.

While HelpNDoc is an advanced WYSIWYG word processor, it really shines when it comes to creating complied HTML Help systems. Rather than having to worry about the nuts and bolts of creating Help, you can focus on the content. HelpNDoc will take your expertise and package it up so that everybody will be able to use it.

HelpNDoc is free for personal use. It runs under any Windows system from Windows 95 up through Vista. It only requires a Pentium-class processor, and is perfectly happy with only 32MB or RAM.

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