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runs on Windows
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Are you a UNIX guy (or gal) trapped in a Windows world? Do you find yourself missing your favorite command line utilities while you're working at your Windows box? Here's one you're bound to appreciate.

One of the more handy tools from the UNIX world is "tail". It's a slick little app that lets you look at the last several lines of a log file. Since log files are written chronologically, that means that you're looking at the most recent events that have been written to the log—the most recent pages accessed on your web site; the most recent download activity from your FTP server; the most recent hacking attempts on your network—pretty important stuff. Adding the "follow" option allows you to watch as the logs are updated in real time.

BareTail is the Windows equivalent of "tail -f" that allows you to track logs as they are updated. Rather than just a terminal app like its UNIX cousin, BareTail displays its output in a tabbed window, so you can watch multiple logs at once. User defined highlighting lets you focus your attention on the more important data that you want to follow. It's a compact app, so there's no installer necessary, which means that it doesn't leave fingerprints all over your system.

BareTail is a Windows application.

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