Examine your movies with VideoInspector

runs on Windows
screenshot of VideoInspector

Admit it—you've got a ton of video files on your computer. Going to YouTube several times a day just isn't enough—you've got to have those things on your system. But what happens when your movies start to act up? Where has the sound gone? Why won't this file or that one play on your system? Your big collection has just become a big pain in the neck.

VideoInspector is a tool that helps you to understand what you've got going on. With VideoInspector, you can check file integrity of your video files. See how long your movies are, what bitrate they're recorded in—both video and audio— and all the other vital statistics. It's easy to verify which codecs you need to play a given movie, and whether they're already on your system.

VideoInspector is a Windows application.

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