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runs on Windows
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How many images do you have on your system? Whether you just have a digital camera, or you're up to your ears in websites you're building, you probably have a fair number of pictures to try to keep track of. "Try" is the operative term here—how do you keep track of all that stuff? An image browser like PhotoMesa may be what you're looking for.

PhotoMesa lets you browse photos and other digital images on your system. It will also go out and find them for you, no matter how deeply hidden they are in various folders on your system. It supports most popular image file formats, so you won't have to jump back and forth to some other tool to view your files.

The simple interface makes it easy to zoom in- and out on your pictures. You can mark them up with your own annotations to keep track of people and places in the photos, as well as categories to keep track of what's going on.

PhotoMesa is a free Windows application. It works on systems running Windows 2000 or later. Also required are version 1.1 or higher of the .NET Framework, as well as MDAC 2.6 (links to both are available on the publisher's site).

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