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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as the old song goes. The Big Day will be here before you know it, but will you get everything done? Shopping, cooking, cleaning—it's enough to get you all worn out even before you start working on it. If you've got little ones, you're going to be even busier. If it's going to be that busy for you, can you imagine how complicated it's going to be for Santa Claus? You may have a couple of kids to think about, but he's got zillions. Maybe this year you can give Jolly Old St. Nick a hand.

The folks at have 16 free Letters from Santa Claus that you can download and print out. There are letters from Santa to boys and girls, and to pet cats and dogs. There's a letter for a child's first Christmas, and a letter from Mrs. Claus. There's even a letter to an older child who may have some questions about the whole "Santa" thing. Just think of the smile on your little one's face when they get a letter from the Right Jolly Old Elf. And imagine the smile on Santa's face when he sees how you're helping him.

Printable Letters from Santa Claus are available for free download. You'll need a copy of Adobe Reader to open and print them. They've also got paid versions of these letters for $5 each, where you can personalize the letter by adding your child's name, names of siblings, pets, and so forth.

And who knows—maybe Santa will leave a little something extra in your Christmas stocking this year just to say "thanks".

Download Printable Letters from Santa Claus

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  1. The different offers that are quite interesting and the way that you have mentioned to download those letters are useful. Thank You. And Santa Letters would be the good gift for children.

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