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How many times have you gone to check on something online, only to be required to set-up an account with the website? Usually this means giving out your email address. If this is someplace you're planning to return to again and again, you may want to go ahead and give them what they're looking for. Double check their privacy policy and hope for the best in terms on their not turning around and spamming you for the rest of your life. If you're going someplace for a one-time-only visit, you probably don't want to give them all that information. What you need is a disposable email address that doesn't tie back to you to get the job done.

GuerrillaMail is one place to go to get a short term email address. Go to their site, press the button, and you'll get an email address that you can use right now, but in 15 minutes it goes away. That's generally long enough to confirm your signup or to get you to that free downloadable white paper you're looking for. What it doesn't do is condemn you to a lifetime of junk email from people you really aren't interested in dealing with.

GuerrillaMail is a free online service. It should work with any modern web browser

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3 Responses to “GuerrillaMail disposable email address”

  1. adan says:

    this site looks nice. there’s a great abundance of “disposable address” websites, but honestly another one to add to the arsenal isn’t too bad, since more and more forms are “blocking”,,, etc…

    I know mailinator for example even has “alternate” domains that can be used to receive mail, if a form doesn’t like/blocklisted 🙂

  2. When I want a fake address how do I get thid service to provide one. Specific directions do not appear to have been provided.

  3. says:

    You just press “GET DISPOSABLE EMAIL” most of them have this option. I personally use new on the scene but like adan said the more the better. 🙂

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