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You're busy, with a lot on your mind. You've got meetings to attend, phone calls to make, errands to run—all kinds of stuff to try to keep track of. You don't need a big-deal, high-powered tool like Outlook; you just want to upgrade from your current system of sticky-notes and scribbles on the back of an envelope. You need a task management tool that doesn't require a lot of care and feeding.

Check out MiniTask. It's a lightweight app that helps you keep track of your "to-do"s. It's easy to enter tasks, and with drag-and-drop reordering, you've got the flexibility you need to change things on the fly. Alarm timers help you to take care of business.

Not only is it small in terms of system resources; you can set it to be always on top, or to sit in the System Tray until you need it, keeping it out of your way.

MiniTask is a free download. It runs on both Mac and Windows machines. If it's not already on your system, you'll also need to install Adobe AIR.

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  1. morcos says:

    neat installation procedure… how can we be sure this is legit and not unsafe?

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