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runs on Windows
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Do you spend a lot of time and effort manipulating files on your PC? While Windows Explorer keeps you away from the command prompt, it's not too smart when it comes to copying, moving, and rearranging files on your system. If you go anywhere beyond basic file manipulation, it's going to come up short. You may need something with a bit more horsepower to take care of business.

FlexTk Express may be one answer for you. Rather than just flailing around, you can take control of your files and get real work done. Instead of just relying on file names, you can build classes that take into account file names, file types, modification dates, attributes, and more. You can even save often used combinations, making it easy to come back next week—or next year—and replicate the results of your organizational work. Once you have that, your life is going to be a lot easier, since you only have to create the classification scheme once, but you can keep using it forever.

FlexTk Express is a free Windows application. It runs under Windows 2000 or later. The publisher also offers paid versions that provide additional functionality.

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