Wikiquote Screensaver

runs on Windows
screenshot of Wikiquote Screensaver

What do you use your Windows display for? Is your desktop just a dumping ground for your latest downloads? Is your screensaver just a place for your vacation pictures? Or does it serve as a source of inspiration, perhaps mixed with a touch of whimsy?

Wikiquote Screensaver lets you move your display into that latter category. Rather than just using your screen as an electronic junk drawer, you can grab some of your favorite quotes from Wikiquote. Choose individual quotes, or create and manage your own quote list. Whether it's inspiration, commentary, or anything else you're interested in, you can see it now as your screensaver. Since you can choose from English, German, or Italian quotes, you're bound to find something that flips your switch.

Wikiquote Screensaver is a Windows application. It also requires version 3.5 of the .NET Framework.

Download Wikiquote Screensaver

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