Samurize is a head-up display for your computer

runs on Windows
screenshot of Samurize

Pilots of some of the newer aircraft have come to depend on head-up displays. Rather than having to take their eyes off the world outside of their aircraft to look down at their instruments, pertinent data—altitude, airspeed, heading, etc.—are projected into the pilot's line of sight, so they can keep their "head up" while in flight. An application called Samurize lets you do the same with your Windows computer.

While you may not be flying your system through crowded or dangerous skies, you have things you're trying to keep track of while you work. You may have an eye on CPU load or memory usage, or you might be keeping track of a to-do list. Either way, you can have this data shown on-screen so you don't have to dig through a bunch of stray windows while you're trying to get your work done. You're sure to be more efficient when you can focus on the task at hand.

Samurize is a Windows application.

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