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Did you ever have one of those long, involved telephone calls, where no matter how many notes you took along the way, you just know you didn't capture everything that was said? Kind of frustrating, to be sure.

CallGraph is a free tool that you can use to record your Skype calls automatically. Whether you make free Skype-to-Skype calls, or make or receive paid SkypeIn and SkypeOut calls, you can record them all. You can use your recordings to make sure you grabbed all the important information you covered during your conversation, or use them for recorded interviews to post to your blog or include in your podcast.

Remember that various jurisdictions have different rules about recording phone calls, and what you can do with those recordings, so be sure to check on how these may apply to you. And of course, common decency dictates that all parties being recorded be aware of the fact that a recording is being made, and that they give their consent to participate.

CallGraph is a free download for your Windows system. although they do have Linux and Mac versions on the drawing board. And of course, since it works with Skype, it's probably a good idea to have Skype installed on your system as well.

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