Run console apps in hidden windows

runs on Windows
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Sometimes you just have to run a console app. Whether it's scripts that run during Windows startup, backup routines, or other tasks, they just don't have a nice, pretty GUI front-end, and since you really don't interact with them, there's no point in creating one. The problem is, you may be faced with a bunch of terminal windows that jump into and out of existence while this is all happening. At very least, this isn't pretty, and worse case, it can be rather disconcerting to see all this happening on your screen. You need a way to hide all these guys, so they can get their work done, but they stay out of your face.

HiddenStart may the the solution. This tool lets you run all the command line programs you want, but they all run in "hidden" windows, meaning that you don't have to deal with them. It's easy now to run batch files or other console applications without having to look at them. It supports a bunch of parameters that allow you to run things your way—hide console windows, run as other users (including Admin), show or suppress error messages, and more.

HiddenStart is a free Windows application.

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