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Are you addicted to crossword puzzles? Whether you're a kid just learning the ropes, or a veteran who insists on doing the Sunday New York Times puzzle in ink, you just can't get enough of your favorite word puzzles. But have you ever tried creating your own crossword puzzle?

It looks like just trying to hook all those words together by brute force may be too much to ask for, unless you're an experienced editor. If only there were a tool to help out here.

EclipseCrossword may be the answer. Instead of having to wrack your brain to make all the pieces fit together, all you need to do is to choose your words and supply the clues, and EclipseCrossword does the heavy lifting. Whether you're building a simple puzzle for your kids—turn spelling practice into game time—or something more complicated for your favorite adult puzzle-solver, it's easy to build your own crossword puzzle.

EclipseCrossword is a free Windows application.

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