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Where would we be without web browsers? With all the time we spend online, this may well be the most-used application on your system. So how much thought do you give to which browser you use? Is it just the one that came with your system, or have you made a conscious choice about the browser you employ?

Slim Browser is a free web browser that has a unique set of features. It's got a tabbed interface, so you don't have to worry about a desktop full of individual windows. It's got a form filler and password manager, making it easier to revisit sites you have accounts with. You can even auto login to selected sites. It has a popup blocker, and you can turn Flash on- and off on the fly, making it easier to load the pages you're interested in. It can render RSS feeds as "regular" web pages, so you don't need to rely on a dedicated newsreader.

If you're running an older machine, you're in luck. The system minimums are pretty low here—Slim Browser will run on any Win32 platform, from Windows 95 (with some reduced functionality) up through Vista. You also need to have IE version 5 or better installed on your system.

Slim Browser is a free download.

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2 Responses to “Web browser with special features”

  1. Liam K. says:

    All features listed can be found in Firefox and Opera.

  2. app says:

    I do not recommend this browser for any Windows version that is no longer eligible to receive security updates from Microsoft (95/98/ME/NT4/2k).

    You will be a sitting duck for exploits!

    Since this is IE based, it is only as safe as your installed version of IE, which in the case of older versions of Windows, isn’t up to date and contains a ton of unpatched exploitable vulnerabilities.

    Since Microsoft isn’t issuing security patches for the old versions any more, in some cases, there is at least 2+ years worth of known vulnerabilities in your installed copy of IE.

    You are better off running something that is both lightweight and still being updated, with a current version available for your OS. (never use old outdated browsers!)

    Your best bet is probably K-Meleon, a lightweight Gecko based browser (just like Firefox) that still supports all the old Win32 versions.

    The latest version of K-Meleon can even run on an old 486 with 32mb RAM and Win95 or NT4!

    And when an exploitable vulnerability is discovered, you still get patches. (not something that can be said for most browsers capable of running on old systems)


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