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runs on Mac
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Digital photography is a great idea. Instead of having to buy, store, and process film, you store your images electronically. It's easy to tweak them, to correct colors, fix exposure problems, get rid of the dreaded red eye, and much more. The down side of this is that now you have to maintain all those digital images.

As you know from working on your system, it's easier to deal with files and folders when they have good, descriptive names. The names given to digital images by default are anything but useful. It's easy enough to rename images in Finder, but it would be nice to have a tool specifically for organizing your pictures.

shootShifter will help you to rename your pictures, but it also allows you to tweak the time stamps on those files. Now you can organize your images in order by time, with you controlling that time. While that can be helpful to rearrange your images, it will really come in handy when you add somebody else's pictures to your collection. Now you can synchronize the timing on all of those images, to make it even easier to organize them.

shootShifter is a Mac application. It runs under OS X, and requires version 10.4 or better. It's distributed as a Universal Binary, so it'll run on your PowerPC or your Intel box,

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