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How connected are you? With email, voicemail, IM, video conferencing, fax, and more, it's pretty much impossible to be "off the grid". It's not easy, though, to keep track of all the ways that you are connected, especially if you're not really the local propeller-head.

VoxOx is a tool that can help you tame the world of communication and connectedness. Rather than having to keep track of which network your IM contacts belong to, for example, you can use VoxOx's integrated instant messaging client—one size fits all. Send and receive SMS text messages directly from your computer. Use the built-in email client. It boasts a contact manager that will let you import contacts from all your networks, so you'll never be far from your people.

VoxOx is a free application. You can grab the Windows version—it runs on any Win32 platform, from Windows 95 up through Vista—or the Mac version, which requires OS X 10.5+. There's also a Linux version on the horizon.

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5 Responses to “Take control of your contacts with VoxOx”

  1. Sofia says:

    Your site is worth it’s weight in gold. As a small business owner on a tight budget, you consistently have free alternatives to purchasing expensive tools for the success of what I do! Thank You! Let the squirrels keep searching!


  2. Liam K says:

    Cool. How’s the memory usage?

  3. ChickenCow says:

    Ok so I’m not going to trust this app, as the official site does not tell you what IM services it is compatible with. In fact its very vague all together. If it did Myspace and Facebook IM then it would be a step up from Digsby but what, You have to install to find out?

  4. ChickenCow says:

    Not to mention the support site is riddled with people who are getting charged for calls.

  5. ChickenCow, VoxOx currently supports IM for GTalk, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, and other Jabber Accounts. Facebook and MySpace IM support are coming soon. We have not started charging anyone for calls yet. Each user is given 120 minutes of free call time to evaluate VoxOx Beta.

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