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You can't get through a day on your computer without using applications that are part of a productivity suite. Without a word processor, spreadsheet, and other apps, your computer would be pretty much just a glorified boat anchor. Unfortunately, buying a package of tools like this can cost you a pretty penny.

There are free productivity tools that you can add to your system. Here's one you can use that doesn't even require installation. ajaxWindows is an online productivity tool. Instead of downloading anything, you literally log in and use all of the features it has to offer online. You can create and edit files in formats that are compatible with industry standards, like Microsoft Office. That means that you can share your documents with others, but without having to share your bank account with Redmond. And they've probably got enough money already anyway. Access your files while you're away from the office, so you'll never have to worry again about whether you've got the latest version of that important proposal on your laptop or USB drive when you're on the road.

ajaxWindows is a free online service. It requires Firefox 2 or later, or IE 6 or better.

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  1. Liam K says:

    Why not just use Google Documents or Windows Live?

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