DoCab lets you create and extract files from CAB archives

runs on Windows
screenshot of DoCab

If you've used Microsoft Windows for any length of time, you have no doubt run across CAB files. These files with the .cab extension, are cabinet files, a special type of Windows-specific compressed archive file. Like the filing cabinet after which they are named, CAB files contain other files, often used by installers. While these installer programs usually take care of extracting and installing the files contained in the CAB, from time to time, you may need to locate one of these individual files, maybe to use to replace a broken version already installed on your system.

DoCab is a tool that lets you manipulate CAB files. You can build your own CAB file, containing whatever files you want to put into it. Choose the compression method you want to use. You can even make it self-extracting. Or, you can examine existing CAB files and extract one, several, or all of the files that are included in them. That may come in quite handy the next time you need to fix a broken device driver on your system.

DoCab is a Windows application.

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