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Have you ever lost a document you were working on because the app quit unexpectedly, or your computer decided to croak in mid-edit? Yep, there's nothing like that sinking feeling when you realize that the last minute / hour / day worth of work has just gone the the great Bit Bucket in the Sky. It would be nice if you could rely on your machine's remembering to save your work, even when you forget to.

EverSave is an app that does just that. Always running in the background, it waits for a pre-defined period of time, and then just saves your work for you. You can choose specific apps you want it to keep an eye on, or it can automatically work with your current active application. It's also quite well behaved—you can configure EverSave to ask you to confirm your saves, so you don't inadvertently overwrite documents you don't want to replace. If you want to temporarily suspend EverSave from saving your docs, there's an override switch that lets you stop autosaving without turning all of your normal parameters off.

EverSave is a Mac application.

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