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If you are responsible for a website with more than just a couple of pages, and more than one author, then you know what a pain administering that site can be. Trying to keep everything in sync can be a never-ending battle, and more often than not, one that you can't possibly win. This is why you may need a content management system.

A CMS helps keep track of who's who and what's what on your site, so you can create the content without having to keep track of what's happening with it afterwards. Textpattern is a tool that you may want to take a look at to help you with this.

You simply type new content into the edit window, without having to worry about the proper markup syntax. When you're ready to publish, Textpattern does the heavy lifting, formatting your text in valid XHTML. You and your contributors can focus on content, rather than the minutia of formatting. It supports stylesheets and makes it easy to adjust the look and behavior of your pages.

Textpattern works best when installed on an Apache web server. It requires PHP ver. 4.3 or later, and MySQL 3.23+.

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