Evolution is like Outlook for Linux

runs on Linux
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If you're a serious Windows user in a corporate environment, you almost certainly use Outlook. It's a great tool for integrating email, contact information, and calendar management. Linux users can take advantage of this type of all-in-one functionality with Evolution.

Evolution runs on the GNOME desktop and provides much of the functionality of Outlook. Along with reading and writing email, you can create and maintain your address book. Calendars let you keep track of important meetings and other events, as well as keeping track of your to-do lists. Smart junk mail control lets you see the email you want and avoid the stuff you don't. Build filters to organize your messages, while smart searching allows you to find just the information you need when you need it. It can be configured as an Exchange client or a GroupWise client, so you'll always be able to work and play well with others.

Evolution is a Linux application.

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4 Responses to “Evolution is like Outlook for Linux”

  1. Sam Juan says:

    Evolution is great! It’s included with Ubuntu installs, my OS of choice these days!

  2. Ron says:

    There is also a version of Evolution for Windows.

  3. skids says:

    Evolution is nothing like Outlook and can’t even lick Outlooks boots. I hate it when you linsuckers start spewing your lies

  4. Kittu says:

    Hi skids you should not compare Outlook to any thing as it is developed by a very big and cash rich company, on the other hand Linux based tools are not commercially viable.