MediaMonkey digital music player and manager

runs on Windows
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If you're a sucker for digital audio, you need a tool to help you manage it all. iTunes and WinAmp may be fine for listening to all your MP3 files, but you may need something more to really stay on top of your collection. You may need MediaMonkey.

While you can use MediaMonkey to listen to all your audio files (MP3, AAC/M4A, WMA, WAV, etc.), it does a whole lot more. It's easy to edit ID3 tags to stay on top of track and album names, as well as composer, performer, and genre information. You can identify tracks with missing information, and then edit them manually, or use automatic lookup to grab the correct info.

Keep track of your favorites by organizing your music into playlists. You can even burn audio CDs directly from MediaMonkey. Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to keep track of all the statistics around your collection, and you can export your information to Excel, html, and xml files.

MediaMonkey is a Windows application. It will run under Windows 98 or greater.

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2 Responses to “MediaMonkey digital music player and manager”

  1. Hannibal says:

    MediaMonkey is a great program. I use it all the time and prefer it greatly over the bloat of iTunes. By the lifetime license – it really is worth the money!

  2. David says:

    Agreed. Even the freebie version is well worth having. I like the very quick search facility, as I have an extensive audio collection. Very quick. Makes Windows’ handling of the files look positively pedestrian. I also use it at a charity classic car show I am involved with to catalogue and manage a large nostalgic sound clip collection (old adverts, theme tunes, etc.) that I use on the public address system and I have also found that the tracks can be dragged from Media Monkey into the DJ program I use on my laptop for instant play. Never actually touch the audio files using Windows Explorer – too slow!