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Your computer's a busy place. CPU, memory, video, data flowing in and out—there's always something going on. Some of it you can see: you've got a monitor, right? Other parts may not be so readily observable: you can't see the read/write heads flying back and forth across the platters in your hard drive, for instance. Now most desktop boxes have some sort of display—usually a handful of LEDs—to let you know when things are happening with your hard drive. Reading data, writing data, you get those reassuring flashing red and green lights, letting you know that things are happening. That's all well and good, assuming your desktop machine is actually sitting on your desktop.

In reality, most so-called desktop machines are actually sitting on a shelf or on the floor under your desk. That means you may not be able to see those lights, so you're still flying blind in terms of watching your HDD activity.

DriveGLEAM is a tool that supplies a virtual disk access indicator. Rather than requiring you to be able to actually see the front of your machine, you get indicators in the System Tray to let you know when data is moving to- and from your hard drive. You can choose to monitor physical drives, partitions, or both. It's a small app, and doesn't even require an installer, so you aren't committing a bunch of system resources to its care and feeding.

DriveGLEAM is a Windows application. It requires Win2k or later.

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  1. Sofia says:

    Wow – my desktop was getting a bit dull… is nice to see what is going on with my machine!

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