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Zip files are a wonder. Creating an archive that includes multiple source files and compresses those files so that they take up less space is a great idea. Whether it's backing up your important data, or sharing files with co-workers, Zip files get the job done. They're even cross-platform, sort of.

If you've used Finder's Archive function to create Zip files, you've created Mac-specific archives. When you restore them onto your own Mac, or share them with another Apple system, everything's great. When you give it to your Windows buddies, they get all kind of Mac-specific stuff that looks like just so much gobbledygook on their machine.

YemuZip is a Mac application that lets you create both flavors of Zip files. When you're working with a Mac in mind, you want to preserve resource forks, Finder meta-data, and all that good Mac stuff. If your target is a Windows machine, you can strip that extra data from your archive, so your Microsoft-loving associates won't get all weak-in-the-knees when they open your archive.

YemuZip is a Universal Binary, so it is compatible with both PowerPC and Intel-powered Macs. It runs under OS X version 10.4 or later.

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