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Screensavers come and screensavers go, and generally we don't pay a lot of attention to them. After all, how may baskets of puppies and kitties can you look at? Don't get me wrong, we LOVE puppies and kitties after all, but enough is enough.

PolarClock is an interesting screensaver that falls outside of the bounds of "normal" screensavers. It's designed to function as a big clock, albeit a non-traditional one. When the screensaver activates, it displays the current day, date, and time on screen, but it shows it as a series of arcs comprising concentric circles on the screen. As the seconds tick by, each of these arcs lengthens, acting as an analog clock. The current time information is displayed digitally at the same time, so that it's easy to see what time is really is. You can configure the display to your liking, reordering the arcs, changing colors, choosing 12- or 24-hour mode, and more

PolarClock is available for both Windows and Mac (OS X). It will also run as a dashboard widget under Tiger (10.4).

Download PolarClock

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  1. Votre says:

    A similar, and (IMHO) much more elegant “circular” clock screensaver was written by Jesson Yip. It’s called “Analogy” and it can be found here:


    I’m not super gung-ho on screensavers – but I really like Analogy.

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