Application helps you keep track of your exotic pets

runs on Windows
screenshot of Exotic Keeper's Record

Over the years, we've seen a wide variety of software. Some of it has been fairly generic. Others have been more specialized, for doing specific tasks in particular situations. Here's one that may be among the most specialized ever.

Exotic Keeper's Record is a database management tool for herpetologists. Whether you're interested in reptiles or amphibians—or even invertebrates—Exotic Keeper's Record can help you keep track of your collection of creepy-crawlies. You can maintain a record of feeding, molting, injuries, and more with this tool. Chart your critter's growth, and even compare individuals to one another. A built in contact manager makes it easy to keep track of animals you may have loaned out.

You can generate a set of standard and custom reports in either HTML or text format, helping you to stay on top of things.

Exotic Keeper's Record is a Windows application.

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