Encrypt and protect files with Encyphalon

runs on Windows
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Encyphalon is a tool for quick and easy file encryption and protection. After you've installed the app, you just choose the file or files you want to protect, supply a password, and sit back. Unlike some tools that put your encrypted data into a protected "vault" folder, Encyphalon carries no such restriction. That means it's easy to create backups, email files, or store them online. When it's time to get your data back, just supply your password and un-encrypt your protected file.

There's no problem with multiple users on a system using Encyphalon, since you supply your password at the time of encryption, rather than having to log in to use the app. It uses the Rijndael encryption algorithm, so you can be assured that your sensitive data won't be seen by anybody else.

Encyphalon is a Windows application. It's been designed for XP and Vista.

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  1. Liam K. says:

    I suppose you need the program on a different computer to decrypt it? Or is it self-decrypting?

  2. app says:

    A number of years ago a friend of mine wrote a lovely little application similar to this as a project for one of his university classes, called Ligare.

    The major differences between Ligare and Encyphalon is that Ligare will run on old Win9x machines, and it uses a different encryption algorithm (a proprietary RC4 derivative called Celare).

    The receiver of the file does not need a copy of Ligare on their machine in order to decrypt files. All they need is the password. The decryptor is packed with the file and works similar to a password protected self extracting zip file, except unlike a password protected zip, if you supply the wrong password in Ligare, it won’t tell you and will extract the file re-encrypted with the incorrectly supplied password. (you end up with an unusable garbage file extracted)

    The Ligare application and a paper about the Celare encryption algorithm are both available for free here:


    The developer also has a special version for visually impaired users that is available upon request, if you send him a private message through that forum.

  3. Colin says:

    The “download” website is suspended!

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