Record onscreen events with CamStudio

runs on Windows
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Have you ever tried to talk somebody through a new process or procedure on their computer? What makes total sense to you—after all, you already know how to do the deed—might as well be in Greek (or Russian or Mandarin or some other language they don't speak) when you try to explain it in words. Or what about trying to explain your troubles to the tech support geeks who are supposed to bail you out? If only you could show these guys what you're talking about.

CamStudio does the screen shot one better. Rather than merely capturing a static image of what you see on your screen, it records everything you see on-screen as a movie, along with the associated audio, and saves it all into an AVI file. Now you've got a movie that will show everybody just what you've been talking about. It's also got a built-in SWF producer, so you can turn your movies into Flash movies, which are much more bandwidth-friendly.

CamStudio is a free Windows application.

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  1. This is so cool! Now I can email video directions to all my family and friends who need help, instead of trying to give directions in text and hoping they understood. Thanks a lot!

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