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If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a well planned flow chart or diagram may be worth a zillion. Not only does it have all the benefits of an image, but with text and directional arrows, it adds to the knowledge that is conveyed by that drawing.

LucidChart is an online service that lets you create flow charts, organization charts, network schematics, and more. With an extensive selection of symbols to choose from, you'll find it easy to make your diagrams clear—or upload your own images for fully customized diagrams. It's built to support real-time collaboration, so you and your co-workers can edit any chart at the same time. There's even built-in group chat, so you can all be sure you're all on the same page, literally as well as figuratively.

LucidChart is compatible with most current web browsers, and it doesn't even require a Flash plugin.

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