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More and more of the material we read each day comes to us in electronic form: newspapers, web sites, PDFs, eBooks, and more. Unfortunately, the tools that we have available to use to read this material aren't always as user-friendly as we might like.

Stanza is a tool designed specifically for reading digital content. It's compatible with many different formats, so it could easily become your go-to app when you've got stuff to read. You can choose the text layout that works best for you, whether it's a single column, two-column format, or even just one continuous line of text that scrolls horizontally. You can increase or decrease text size on the fly, so you can choose the display size that's most comfortable for you. Auto-scrolling lets you focus on reading while the tool takes care of navigation through your document.

Stanza is a free application. It's compatible with your iPhone or iPod Touch. There's also a desktop edition that runs on your Windows or Mac computer.

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  1. Einstein999123 says:

    Awesome, I was looking for a good eBook reader! Thanks!