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How many little pieces of information do you have to keep track of? There's big stuff—project deadlines, addresses, and the like—and little stuff—grab a quart of milk on the way home, finish that magazine article—and everything in between. There are lots of tools to help you keep track of the big stuff, but not so many for the little stuff. And what about the in-between stuff—do you use the big tool or the little tool?, the Latitudinal Information Scrap Trapper that Indexes Things, is a tool that doesn't require that you make that decision. You can enter big stuff or small stuff or any stuff. And best of all, it's easy to retrieve what you entered. A Firefox add-on, you can access it through a sidebar on your favorite browser, or you can just hit a hotkey to bring up a quick input box. Now instead of having to keep track of a zillion little bits and pieces of information, you can just enter it all in and let it do the remembering. is a combination of free online service and an add-on for Firefox 3. It is compatible with systems running Linux, OS X, and Windows.


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