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If your favorite machine is a Mac, then you probably know all about The Dock. It's that little toolbar that sits at the bottom—or side—of your screen, and serves as a quick launch bar for your favorite apps, as well as an indicator of which applications are currently running on your machine.

While you're always going to want to have your favorites show up there, ready for you to click and bring to life, sometimes you don't care so much about which apps are currently running. Whether it's because your Dock is just too crowded with applications, or because you aren't going to need to click on an application icon to bring that particular app into the foreground, you may want to get rid of some of those guys. Dockless is a tool that lets you choose which icons to hide on your Dock.

When you fire it up, Dockless goes out and finds all the applications on your system. It brings up a list and lets you choose which ones you don't want to see in the Dock. It's pretty simple, but it does help to de-clutter your life.

Dockless is a Mac app. It runs under OS X, and there are versions compatible with 10.4 and later, 10.3, and even 10.2 and earlier.

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