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runs on Windows
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How much bandwidth do you use? Whether you're limited by your ISP, or you want to keep track of what's coming and going to to see if your system is being hacked, you need a tool to let you see how much data you're moving.

NetWorx is a free tool that helps you see what's going on. Whether you're looking at how much data is moving in and out of your system, or you want to check your speed up and down, NetWorx can give you a hand. Monitor one network interface, or monitor them all. NetWorx works with dial-up, DSL, Cable, or any other type of connection. Set alerts to keep track of important usage thresholds. You can also crank out reports to let you see what kind of traffic you're responsible for.

NetWorx is a free Windows application. It's compatible with systems running Windows 2000 or later, and is equally at home in 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

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3 Responses to “NetWorx bandwidth meter”

  1. Traciatim says:

    NetLimiter is better.

  2. Andrew says:

    I am testing 3 meters at the moment. Each shows different statistics daily up to17 MB a day!! iT refers to Net Limiter, Bit Meter and Worx. Who can explain that for me.

  3. app says:

    I use the free NetMeter application for this.

    It has a lot of the same features as NetWorx and the reports window has a similar layout.

    I like the projected reports in NetMeter that let you know based on your current rate of consumption, how much bandwidth you will use by the end of the day/week/month.

    Instead of just notifying you if you exceed a certain level, Netmeter can notify you if your current trend will cause you to exceed that level so you can slow down long before you get to it.

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