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There's a lot of information out there, and we're creating more with each passing day. Whether it's documents, web pages, email messages, or any of the dozens of types of media we use, we just keep cranking out the content.

It's easy enough for you to go back and capture the information you've generated—after all, you have the tools you used to create it, so you can probably use the same tool to retrieve your information. But what if you need to share that with somebody else? Not everybody has the same productivity suite as you, or your same operating system.

PDF files are something that's understood by virtually everyone. If you can get your file, document, or web page converted into a PDF file, it becomes pretty easy to share it with anybody else. But how to you effect this miraculous conversion? You might want to give PDF converter a try.

Available as a free online service, or a desktop app for Windows users, you can convert dozens of different file types into PDF files. Browse to your file, select a web page, or even grab a vector image file, push the button, and you've got an instant PDF file. And not only can you take your docs and PDF them, you can even take PDFs and turn them back into Word DOC files or Excel XLS spreadsheets.

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