miniTimer is a countdown timer on your desktop

runs on Mac
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You've got a meeting this afternoon, a phone call in an hour, and your tea has three minutes left to steep. How do you keep track of all these important events? You could create appointments in Outlook, or set up events in Google Calendar, but that's a bit like using an atomic bomb to swat a fly. How about something a little less imposing: how about a timer?

If you're sitting in your kitchen, you'd just set a timer to remember to pull the tea bag out of your mug. Well, your computer can afford you the same functionality, with miniTimer.

miniTimer is easy to use, and just sits there unobtrusively on your desktop until it's time for something to happen. Then it springs into action, alerting you that it's time to make your call or whatever else you're using it to remind you of. It can even fire off a Growl notification, if you're set up for that. It's scriptable, so you can use AppleScript to talk to miniTimer.

miniTimer is a Mac application. It's a Universal Binary, so it runs on both PowerPC and Intel boxes. It requires OS X version 10.4 or later.

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One Response to “miniTimer is a countdown timer on your desktop”

  1. kasha baxter says:

    this wants to open the old version of stickies, feels unsafe for leopard or 10.5., cannot keep these felines in order!