Virtual Drive Creator is like SUBST with a GUI

runs on Windows
screenshot of Virtual Drive Creator

Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and everybody used MS-DOS (kids, ask your parents), one of the most useful commands was SUBST. This "substitute" command allowed you to create a "virtual drive" that you could use as an alias for a folder or other path on a physical or logical drive. Take any unused drive letter—"Z:", for instance—and map your path to that letter. Now instead of having to type some path over and over, or having to type the full path of some target folder that was nested eleven directories deep, your SUBST'ed "Z" did all the heavy lifting.

Virtual Drive Creator brings this same functionality to your Windows GUI. Browse to—or type in—your target path, choose an available drive letter, click the button, and you've got an instant alias that has all the flexibility of the old SUBST command. If you want to un-assign a drive letter, it's easy to remove your virtual drive.

Virtual Drive Creator is a Windows application.

Download Virtual Drive Creator

6 Responses to “Virtual Drive Creator is like SUBST with a GUI”

  1. Slartibartfarst says:

    Thankyou for an interesting article. I shall try out this software.
    Sorry to be pedantic, but, as a member of the Apostrophe Protection Society, I have to say that the clich̩ you were attempting to use is РI gather Рcorrectly written thus (inside the asterisks):
    “*Back in the days* when dinosurs roamed the earth…” – i.e., with “days” being plural, and no comma following.

  2. Ed Mandelford says:

    Slarti, when someone employs an appositive at the beginning of a sentence, the correct way to set it off is to ALWAYS use a comma!
    “Back in the day” is an old colloquial aside, naturally followed by a pause. Thus, a sentence diagramming such an introductory comment would indeed need a comma to be set off from the subsequent part of the sentence – “when dinosaurs roamed the earth AND everyone used MS-DOS”
    Methinks the Apostrophe Protection Society is overstepping its bounds by critiquing commas.

  3. slartibartfarst can't spell Slartibartifast. And is a pedantic twat. says:

    back in the day, grammar nazis knew their place.

  4. Hayden says:

    What a bunch of nerds. Stop arguing, kids!!!

  5. kalmly says:

    Does anyone, know anything, about how, this program works?

  6. Liam K says:

    I think Returnil does the exact same thing as this.

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