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How hard is it to find a calendar in your office? We've usually got one pinned to the wall, but it's got so much stuff stuck on it that it might as well not be there anyway. What's today's date? Which day of the week is the first of next month? Which day of the month is the Fourth of July this year? Okay, maybe that one's not so hard to figure out, but the rest can be a challenge.

AMP Calendar is a free download you can add to your Windows System Tray. It features a full 12-month calendar, that you can tweak to fit the way you work—choose whether weeks start on Sunday or Monday, for example. The current day of the month always shows in the Tray, so you've got that little tidbit of information always available.

AMP Calendar is a Windows application. You can download it as a ZIP file, or grab the complete installer.

Download AMP Calendar

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