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Passwords, passwords everywhere. Without a password, you can't pick up your email; you can't log on to your bank account; you can't buy a book or download a tune. That's a lot of passwords to keep track of.

The best password is one that is long, complicated, and doesn't mean anything. Oh yeah—it's best if you don't use a particular password for more than one account either. How in the world do you plan to keep track of all those passwords?

There are a bunch of "password locker" tools out there that let you store your passwords. But they can be complicated beasts, and take more care and feeding than what you might want to give them. What you need is a simple tool that will just help you to keep track of your passwords.

OnePass may be that tool. Without a lot of bells and whistles, it just helps you to take care of business. Along with storing your passwords, it can help you create passwords as well. You can choose longer or shorter passwords, and decide whether to include "special" characters. No matter how you slice it, you're going to have passwords that will help keep your accounts safer, without the headache of having to remember them all—or writing them on a sticky note to hang on your monitor. And that's a good thing.

OnePass is a Windows application.

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5 Responses to “Create and store strong passwords with OnePass”

  1. Jim W. says:

    Windows 7 & avg free detected a virus with this software. The name is Trojan Horse Generic 12.AUQL

  2. Deb G says:

    McAfee flagged it, cancelled install and it still installed 3 toolbars and hijacked my homepage- stay away! Very disspointed in Free Download a Day:(

  3. Liam K. says:

    Bundled with Yahoo! Toolbar, and changes your homepage.
    Details here:

    Try LastPass or KeePass instead.

  4. Ray Jay says:

    Well, I don’t think I’ll be trusting any passwords to that tool! Password Collector might be a better name for it…

  5. Newt says:

    Antivir and Comodo stopped and rejected the installation because of Trojan Horses, Viruses and various nefarious blue meanies!!! Stop your download and run as far away and as fast as you can!!!!!

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