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runs on Mac
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You need to do some basic image editing. You may be cleaning up some digital photos to send to mom, or you might be tweaking your website. You love the functionality of Photoshop, but not its hefty price tag. You know about GIMP, but for what you need to do, that's like swatting a fly with an atom bomb. You need just what you need, and you don't need to spend a bunch to get it.

Seashore may be what you're looking for. With support for layers and textures, you can do what you need to do, but without the huge overhead of a big program. It can read most commonly-used image file formats, and write back to most of them as well. And it's a Cocoa app, so it should behave like you would expect a Mac application act.

Seashore is a Mac app. You'll need OS X version 10.3 or later to use it.

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  1. breez says:

    its great

  2. moonfixer says:

    This is a great app.

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