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How many things do you do in a day? I suppose that depends on what "things" are. Maybe a more important question is "how much time did you spend on 'x' today?" Whether it's homework assignments, or billable hours for your business, we all need to know how long it takes to get things done.

One way to try to track time here is to keep a pad next to your computer. That may work if you keep things pretty low-key, but once your working life starts to get complicated, you may want more than that.

iClockr is a tool you can use to track where your time goes. Using the notions of "project", "task", and "duration", it's possible to keep track of where your time goes, and to whose account you should bill those hours. Projects contain multiple tasks, and are associated with a specific customer. Now you can keep track of the hour you spent here and the 10 minutes you spent there and make sure that your costs—and bills—accurately reflect your actual working time. Enter time with "begin" and "end" points, or keep track "flat rate" style, where a particular task is allotted two hours, for example, regardless of how long it actually takes.

iClockr is a Mac application. It runs under OS X Leopard (10.5).

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