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runs on Windows
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We're always looking for a new way to try to organize the zillions of pieces of information that we come across in a given day. We've recently discovered The Guide, which seems to have a lot to offer here.

The Guide lets you create "guides"—documents that let you organize information in a hierarchical fashion, much like an outline. You're working with two panes, the left one to arrange and rearrange your categories, and the right one to enter your text.

The organizational pane comes with a set of icons that lets you flag nodes that require special attention. The editing pane has a full-featured RTF editor, so you can format your text. It supports Unicode characters, so there's probably not a language it can't work with. Guides are fully searchable, and they support hyperlinks within documents, between documents, and even to emails and web pages. It's small enough that you can carry it with you on a USB stick, so you'll never be without your information.

The Guide is a Windows application. It requires Win2k or better.

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