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Need to send somebody a list of links? Maybe you've found a bunch of great resources for a report you're working on. You can copy and paste them into an email, but that can get kind of tedious pretty quickly. And what if you're sharing with with somebody who's using a mobile browser, or just receiving SMS text messages on their cell phone? Now message size comes into play.

1link is an online service that lets you send a bunch of links all at once. Rather than a list of individual links, you simply enter your links into 1link, click the button, and get a URL you can easily send to anybody. Copy and paste it into your message, and when your recipient clicks on it, they'll get your whole list of links, each one opening in a separate tab or window in their default web browser.

1link is a free service. You'll need a web browser to use it, and of course an email application if you want to send your 1link links to somebody else.

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