Create your own web page knowledgebase with NetNotes

runs on Windows
screenshot of Canaware NetNotes

If you're like us, you can't sit down at your computer without firing-up your web browser. Whether it's online services you use regularly, like Gmail, or other resource sites you visit multiple times a day, you just can't get anything done without them. You can bookmark sites and pages, but maybe you're specifically interested in a particular paragraph, image, or maybe a snippet of code on a page, rather than the whole page. It'd be cool to be able to create your own online "knowledge base" to track just the things you want to keep track of.

NetNotes is a tool that can help you to do just that. Compatible with IE 7 and Firefox browsers, just pick the piece of information you want to capture, right click on it, and you can add it to your knowledgebase. Now you can categorize, organize, and search your info, and really get some work done.

NetNotes is a Windows application. You'll need WinXP and a browser (IE or Firefox) to take advantage of all its features.

Download Canaware NetNotes

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