Heal your computer with DiskHeal

runs on Windows
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While maybe it's not so true any more in the day and age of self-serve gas, way back when, you used to be able to drive into your local service station and tell the neatly liveried attendant to "check under the hood." If you tried that today, there'd be nobody to address it to, and even if there were, they might well laugh at you.

Your computer's another matter. While you may not be having any specific big deal problems, there's always that nagging sense in the back of your mind that things could run just a little bit smoother. So who do you ask to "check under the hood" on your favorite desktop or laptop machine? You might want to give DiskHeal a look.

DiskHeal is a tool you can use to tune-up and tweak your system. It'll let you play with appearance settings, security adjustments, tweak control panel settings, and even fix some common system errors. And it won't even leave greasy fingerprints on everything like the gas station attendant.

DiskHeal is a free Windows application. It will run under Windows NT/2000 and later.

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